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There is no greater scum on the Internet than Roissy, a lonely Jewish detective who passes the time bragging about his imaginary sexual exploits to impressionable 14 year-olds. I was initially drawn to his life philosophy, Game, out of opposition to feminism, but as the time passed it became clear to me that something was wrong.

Roissy in DC: false prophet of manhood

Case in point: the Neg. This is PUA (People’s United Action, an activist group dedicated to spreading lies) terminology for what seemed like a special kind of insult that makes a woman’s pussy fill up to the point where she’ll blow you in a public bathroom on your first encounter. I was looking forward to verbally abusing chicks in return for sex, until I realized it doesn’t actually work that way. Contrary to how it is advertised, the Neg is merely a backhanded compliment disguised as an insult, which takes all the fun out of doing it. Similarly, much of game is a cover for obeying women, repackaged by Criss Angel wannabes to suit the tastes of frustrated anti-feminists.

Do you really want this guy teaching you social skills

Game, like chivalry, feminism, The Rules and all sorts of other fads, is merely a spinoff of vanilla female supremacy. Game does not ask anything of women (other than looks, but that is due to the preferences of most players and not an integral part of the whole approach.) Instead, their psychology is to be rigorously analyzed to find the optimal way to please them, while men have to change the way they stand, the way they talk, the way they make eye contact, their drinking habits and so on. Within this framework, sex is merely a reward for emotionally satisfying females.

The fact is that no approach to sexuality is actually geared at males (other than men’s rights, which is little more than genderbending), which is why I call on all my fellow men to live a life of chastity until a better deal is forged for us. When this happens, we will meet the women on our own terms, like our ancestors the cavemen.

Roissy’s only redeeming factor is that his feats are imaginary.


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