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She wrote a book, which means the feminist lynch mob is after her in full force. I find it ironic that people who make such a fuss about a welfare queen’s right to CHOOSE to kill babies (not that I care much about babies, they’re ugly and they make loud noises) will attack a strong, independent woman who CHOOSES to leave office to save her country, her family and her state.

Look at the kinds of things people said about Sarah during the campaign- she’s a bimbo (from women who were desperate to snag the team captain in school), she talks funny (from women who have a voice like Donald Duck), she’s a wolf-killing redneck (from women who would like nothing more than to purge the world of men.) You just hate Sarah because she has more pussy cells than you do.

You may think I’m being shallow, but the fact is that looks matter. Imagine a Palin foreign policy. Russia terrorizing former satellite states? No problem- hop on Air Force One to Moscow and the whole deal is solved with a wink. So efficient, in fact, that I wonder why environmentalists didn’t jump on her bandwagon at the nearest opportunity. Oh, the price I would pay to jump on her bandwagon…

This is more like it.

In the same vein, I find it ironic that the leeches who were so eager to break the glass ceiling when that sea-witch Hillary was a presidential contender are in many ways those who brayed most loudly against Sarah’s decidedly anti-cosmopolitan charm. The truth, of course, is that there’s no glass ceiling and they know it. The whole idea is a cover for the fact that every president other than Andrew Jackson has been a limp-wristed pussy with no interest in defending his own masculinity- a woman, in other words. Palin, in contrast, would have stood up to the establishment trying to guide her hand- which is why they were so detemined to keep her as far away from office as possible.

Women are treacherous, Sarah. Don’t be one of them.


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